'Turkey will continue to evaluate other alternatives,' says Defense Industries Presidency head Ismail Demir criticising US' announcement to remove Turkey from the F-35 programme.

The head of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency Ismail Demir speaking to media on July 18, 2019.
The head of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency Ismail Demir speaking to media on July 18, 2019. (AA)

Turkey has made all required payments and fulfilled all its obligations under the F-35 fighter jet program, and so taking it out of the programme is unfair, said a top Turkish official on Thursday.

Criticising Wednesday’s unilateral move by the US, Ismail Demir, the head of Turkey’s Defense Industries Presidency, said, “This decision has no place in the treaties.”

On Wednesday, Washington announced it was taking Turkey out of the F-35 stealth fighter jet programme, following through on threats to do so over Ankara's purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-air system.

Stressing that the US announcement used the word "suspension," not "removal," Demir said this warrants closer attention.

Demir warned that if Turkey is removed from the program, that will add some $7-8 million to each plane’s price tag.

Demir also highlighted that Turkey is continuing its program to develop its own combat aircraft.

“Turkey will continue to evaluate alternatives. All kinds of options on the table,” Demir added.

S-400s and defence

Following protracted efforts to purchase an air defence system from the US with no success, Ankara signed a contract in 2017 to purchase the S-400s from Russia.

US officials argued the Russian system would be incompatible with NATO systems and expose the F-35s to possible Russian subterfuge.

Turkey, however, emphasised the S-400 would not be integrated into NATO systems and would not pose a threat to the alliance.

It urged the formation of a commission to clarify any technical issues, but the US failed to respond to this proposal.

The US threatened sanctions over the purchase, with Turkey responding that any sanctions would be met in kind.

The delivery of S-400 components began last week and is ongoing, with 17 shipments of related equipment so far have landed in Turkey over the last week.

Deliveries are set to continue through April 2020.

Source: AA