Families, who say their sons and daughters were abducted by the PKK terror group, have been protesting in front of the provincial HDP office, the party is known for having links to the terror group.

Turkish artists support mothers who stage sit-in protests outside office of Peoples' Democratic Party in SE Turkey on September 8, 2019.
Turkish artists support mothers who stage sit-in protests outside office of Peoples' Democratic Party in SE Turkey on September 8, 2019. (AA)

Turkish artists and celebrities voiced support for the mothers who have been staging sit-in protests in front of the provincial office of opposition HDP in southeastern Turkey.

Ahmet Yenilmez, a cinema, TV series, and theatre actor visited mothers staging protest in Diyarbakir province outside the offices of HDP, known for having links to the PKK terror group.

The mothers are seeking return of their children from forced recruitment and kidnapping by the terrorist PKK.

Yenilmez stressed the importance of sit-in protests and hailed the mothers for their stance, adding that not only the 82 million Turkish nation, but the whole Muslim world prays for them.

TRT World’s Omer Kablan brings the from Diyarbakir.

"You demonstrated the manhood that we couldn't show," he said.

Referring to other artists, Yenilmez said: "We have to feel each other, our pains, our shortcomings."

Meanwhile, many other artists voiced their support for the protesting mothers on social media.

"I hope the mothers in Diyarbakir will reunite with their children safe and sound," Cenk Eren, a Turkish musician, said on his social media post using hashtag #MothersResist.

Ugur Isilak, another artist, also decried the terrorists, saying: "Stealing a child from his mother is remorselessness... May you drown in mothers' curse."

Poet and television host Serdar Tuncer, on his turn, shared a photo of protesting mothers, using hashtag #WeAreWithMothersWhatAboutYou.

Hasan Kacan, an actor, film producer, and a caricaturist, shared a post with the same hashtag, adding that the "bosses" of the terrorist organisation PKK are trying to suppress the voice of mothers and bring them down.

"You won't be able to suppress the mothers' voice. No stopping. This is our only agenda," Kacan said in a post.

Turkish musician Umut Murare also supported the mothers, saying: "Grieving mothers and fathers keep guard for the children. You are not alone. We are with you."

Mustafa Yildizdogan, a singer, called those who always talk about peace, brotherhood, democracy and human rights, not to stay silent to mothers' voice.

"This mothers' voice is the voice of a nation," he said, adding that staying silent to terror is a "betrayal of humanity".

Murat Kekili, another musician, said: "Our hearts are with Diyarbakir mothers until the end."

He also called on all artists to support the mothers and not to look at this issue politically.

Turkish comedian Soray Uzun said everyone should "hear and spread" the voice of mothers in the southeastern province.

"May Allah test no parents with their children," Uzun said.

Vildan Atasever, a film actress, voiced her support for mothers, adding that: "We must show our reaction clearly and out loud."

Turkish screenwriter Semih Kaplanoglu, shared a post on social media, saying: "The rights of our mothers cannot be paid away".

A petition campaign was also initiated on social media to support the protesting mothers in Diyarbakir.

Source: AA