Whether Britain slams into a ‘no deal’ scenario or Theresa May succeeds in getting a delay from Brussels, few in the UK consider the situation to be anything other than a right dog’s breakfast. But who is really to blame?

Many will accuse Theresa May of not being firm enough with the cabal of dignitaries in Brussels who she considers her friends. Others will blame the Brexit campaign for not being truthful with some of its messages about the EU, which has caused confusion and resentment among many; some may even blame the EU itself for not creating a level playing field within its single market so huge immigration flows of Europeans would not come to the UK but be more evenly spread.

A ‘UK-Lite’ would have been an ideal agreement which could have allowed the UK to negotiate its trade deals. On the face of it, this may sound preposterous given that it clashes with the whole ethos of the single market, but it is no less absurd than some of the exceptions the French successfully negotiated when they became members.

What is prolific and will be the basis of debate for generations though is the level of ignorance in both within the UK political elite and the Westminster media pack – many who do not understand what the EU is – which of course has affected the masses in general on both sides of the debate. Recently a pro-EU MP called David Lammy drew fire from many on social media for an absurd reference to Indians losing their lives in WWII for what is the EU today.

Most people in Britain don’t understand that the EU is striving to be a federal superpower, is absurdly corrupt, is entirely undemocratic, is failing as a trade block with an all-time low point for growth this year and, like an old man who rides a bicycle, needs continuous movement to survive. And let’s add to that increasing levels of cash.

If it were a public listed company, its directors would have been struck off and investigated years ago, and the receivers called in.

Macron’s French Letter

Do those same people not see how, in Emmanuel Macron’s recent letter to heads of EU governments, that such a failed, corrupt project, can only react in one way when it is challenged democratically? 

The EU only has one defence mechanism to political demise, like a ratchet which only turns in one direction: take more power.

Hence, Macron’s letter lists the bullet points of how he sees a ‘reformed ‘ EU, which, not accidentally, has a military component and which is already sending spies to its embassies in many Arab countries as part of its new power grab. Was any of this run by the people of Europe?

Of course not. That’s not how the EU works.

And so as we see the EU shunt forwards towards it super state dream, it shouldn’t be too hard to understand why and how Britain got into the mess it’s in. The deal that the EU drafted with Theresa May was a poisoned chalice, to say the least, which thankfully MPs rejected outright. But some will be asking, how do the likes of Jean-Claude Junker gather the verve for such a cavalier move in the first place? Why is it that Junker and his friends are playing this game of ‘blink first’?

Many in the UK like to talk about ministers inside Theresa May’s cabinet who support her as ‘traitors’. Or even May herself who was always with the camp which wished the UK remained in the UK.

But what about the posse of British MEPs in Brussels who support the EU deal, or even want to remain in the EU? Will history judge them justly when we all walk away from the battlefield?

For it is this small group who are surely advising Michel Barnier and Jean-Claude Junker behind the scenes of how to play their cards. It is British Labour MEPs, like Claude Moraes whose entire lifestyle and identity stem from being a Europhile MEP, whose campaign for his own idea of what a multicultural Britain should be, erroneously attaches itself conveniently to the EU flag. 

These MEPs or their kind, who live off fat EU salaries and generous pensions will no doubt be given jobs as ‘British advisors’ in a post-Brexit EU Commission, or at least get lucrative jobs in consultancies under the wing of the EU in the Belgian capital.

But it is these MEPs including Kinnock – who campaigned earlier in his career against the EU, only to go to Brussels and make around $5 million while EC Vice President - and a number of Conservatives who are in the Remain camp who are the real 'traitors' and who are behind years and years of disinformation from Brussels, which fed ‘Remainers’ with false information about the EU in the first place. 

Where are the brown people?

People in the UK who voted Remain, fervently believe that the EU is the only multicultural model for a modern Britain, in its place with the rest of the EU. 

The EU institutions barely have any non-Caucasians which is a minor detail that Moraes fails to mention when he so stoically defends the EU with his live television interviews. The same MEP also forgets to say that in 1999, when he became an MEP and when the EU actually tried to reform itself and turn a new leaf, that Neil Kinnock was wheeled in – only to ensure that embezzlement on an industrial scale was protected, rather than uncovered, as the former UK Labour leader nailed whistleblowers and the journalists who assisted them to the cross.

When I was in Brussels at that time working for a number of UK media titles, I don’t remember Mr Moraes objecting strongly to Kinnock destroying the reputation of whistleblowers like Martha Andreason, despite his obsession with human rights. What I remember is Andreason not receiving any sympathy at all from British Labour MEPs, who took the shameful lead from Kinnock that she was mentally unwell. I know this, as I was at the off-the-record press briefing in 2002 where he slandered her as such. 

Reform, or lack of it, is a big part of why those who voted leave wanted a new relationship between the UK and the rest of the world. A shocking cover-up of what has really been going on for the last 20 years in Brussels – via the mainly pro-EU press – has comforted many in the UK, that the EU is some sort of democratic model for equality, meritocracy and modernity.

In reality, the EU is none of those things, and it is more of a modern-day Stalinist autocracy, run by old white men.

But make no mistake. The reason why the EU elite is bluffing its way to a ‘no deal’ scenario is because of the surreptitious advice it is being given, which have been behind the fake news and relentless disinformation which has been touted for 20 years in the UK and is responsible for the generous support that the Remain side had at the referendum held in 2016.

If Britain crashes out of the EU on the 29th, it will be a good thing, as for the first time in two years, the EU elite will have to rethink its negotiations with the UK, and work out a much more honest and realistic exit deal with Britain. 

March 29th will not be an ‘end date’ but more of a starter's pistol for May’s government to negotiate a proper deal for Britain – a deal which Moraes and his colleagues have been preventing the EU from considering, which I would argue, is almost an act of treason in itself.  

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