The world does not have time to waste on conspiracy theories and the political blame game.

Following the outbreak in the city of Wuhan in China, the coronavirus continues to spread rapidly. 

At the moment, President Trump indicates that the threat in Europe is higher than the threat posed by China. Therefore, the United States imposed a travel ban on 28 countries in Europe (with the inclusion of Ireland and the United Kingdom). 

This ban continues to have an impact. The low number of cases in Turkey reflects its success in so far mitigating its spread, and is considered to be a result of the measures adopted. 

However, the following point still needs to be considered by the citizens of the Republic of Turkey: the prohibition is not limited to EU countries — it also involves all the foreigners who have visited these countries. 

So, if you have been in Europe during the last 14 days before you entered the USA, your entry will be prevented. Turkish citizens who travel in Europe should be careful about US travel warnings.

If I compare the US and Turkey in terms of the measures taken, Turkey has done a good job. Although the enemies of Turkey felt resent it and some US media tried to carry out a perception operation again, we’ve clearly seen and appreciated the installation of thermal cameras in the airports, transparent information flow, keeping the public informed, and offering citizens the opportunity to get tested easily.

We see significant efforts toward fighting the coronavirus evidenced by the serious measures adopted by President Trump and his team in the last week and the declaration of a state of emergency. 


Several allegations have been made about the discovery of coronavirus in Turkey and certain countries. A spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in China, Cao Licien, accused the US army of bringing the new coronavirus strain (Covid-19) to the city of Wuhan where the epidemic began. Licien said, “The US owes us an explanation.” 

Over the past week, a group of people in Turkey started to believe that the virus was developed by the US, however, I do not believe that these claims are realistic or have been presented with any convincing evidence.

With regards to the coronavirus pandemic, US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said, "Unfortunately, rather than using best practices, this outbreak in Wuhan was covered up and this may have cost perhaps two months of delay in response of the societies in the World against the virus."

In addition, the US Department of State called to give diplomatic notes to the Chinese Ambassador in Washington, DC and stated that they found the allegations ridiculous. 

If you think about it, when using a bioweapon against other countries, you have this weapon pointed at yourself. There have so far been 116 deaths from around 6,500 confirmed cases overall. In other words, while the US is dealing with the Coronavirus problem, accusations made by China and later by Iran towards the US are not realistic.

Also, the United States Armed Forces are currently carrying out a study related to the treatment and vaccination of Covid-19 in cooperation with the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and other health institutions.

In fact, the first participant in a clinical trial for a vaccine to protect against the new Coronavirus received the first shot on Monday this week in Seattle.

Last week, retired Air Force General Rob Spalding, who worked as Director of Strategy in the White House, spoke in a panel titled “Relationships between USA and China” and said that the US Army mentions that it cannot operate in Wuhan and China already investigates foreigners very carefully. He mentioned that he observed and followed all his colleagues during this time in his role as a military attache in China and emphasised that even the Chinese people do not trust their own government.

There was also news about a doctor in the US who said that he expects that 70-150 million people in the US will become infected by Covid-19.

These conspiracy theories are a waste of time as the world is trying to put up a serious fight against the coronavirus. The reality is that many people have lost their lives, and the virus is spreading, affecting the lives of millions of people. 

Acting with common sense, listening to suggestions from experts and academics, and complying with the rules introduced by officials constitute what is important. It is important for the US, Turkey, and the world that everyone bands together and acts conscientiously during this period.

We should not be a society that does not listen and claims to know everything.

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