No causality caused in attacks, Gaza officials say. Separately, protests were held against Israel during the funeral of a Palestinian girl who was killed last December while her body was returned to authorities in occupied West Bank on Friday.

Palestinians inspect the site of an Israeli air strike at an under-construction seaport in southern Gaza on March 7, 2019.
Palestinians inspect the site of an Israeli air strike at an under-construction seaport in southern Gaza on March 7, 2019. (Reuters)

Israeli forces said on Saturday they launched several strikes against Hamas sites in Gaza in response to a "projectile" launched from the besieged coastal territory the night before.

"IDF fighter jets and aircraft struck several military targets in a Hamas compound in the southern Gaza Strip and underground structures in the northern Gaza Strip," the military said in a statement.

"The strike was conducted in response to the projectile that was launched from the Gaza Strip at Israeli territory," it said.

Security officials in Gaza said the strikes did not cause any casualties.

Israeli fire kills Palestinian

On Friday, a Palestinian was killed and at least 45 others wounded by Israeli fire on new protests along the Gaza fence, the enclave's health ministry said.

TRT World's Jacob Brown reports.

Gaza has been the scene of mass protests and clashes since late March last year. 

More than 250 Palestinian demonstrators have been killed by Israeli army since Palestinians began holding regular demonstrations along the Gaza-Israel buffer zone.

Demonstrators demand the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes in historical Palestine from which they were driven in 1948 to make way for the new state of Israel.

They also demand an end to Israel's 12-year blockade of Gaza , which has damaged coastal enclave's economy and deprived its roughly two million inhabitants of many basic commodities.

Palestinian mourn girl killed by Israel

Thousands of Palestinians on Saturday attended a funeral procession in occupied West Bank for a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, who was shot and killed by Israeli forces last December.

Samah Mubarak, was killed by Israeli forces for allegedly attempting to stab Israeli soldiers at the Al Zaiyem military checkpoint in occupied eastern Jerusalem.

Israeli forces withheld her body before releasing it to Palestinian authorities on Friday.

Mourners marched from the Ramallah Hospital to the graveyard of Al Bireh city, amid chants against Israel.

Israeli authorities are estimated to be holding the bodies of 35 slain Palestinians, according to figures issued by a Palestinian NGO. 

Source: AFP