Syrian National Coalition leader Anas Al Abdah says Assad regime and its allies can not surpass strong will of Syrian people

Syrian National Coalition leader Anas Al Abdah.
Syrian National Coalition leader Anas Al Abdah. (TRT World and Agencies)

TRT World Correspondent Ali Mustafa interviewed on Thursday the Syrian National Coalition President Anas Al Abdah regarding the future of the peace talks and the state of the country, on the sidelines of the Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation (OIC) summit in Istanbul.

Al Abdah thanked the Turkish government for inviting them to such an important occasion, where they found to chance to address the Syrian issue which is being discussed in Geneva.

As the peace talks entered the third round, the country is still facing many challenges on its way to reach the dream of the Syrian people for their country, Al Abdah said.

According to the him, the situation in Syria is much more complicated and pessimistic than what was shown by the international envoys like UN Special Envoy for Syria , Staffan de Mistura who has mediated the peace talks in Geneva.

The regime has reportedly been violating cessation of hostilities, using the air force to bomb civilians and armed groups and also forcing starvation policy on the population in the besieged areas.

He also pointed out that they have maintained political and diplomatic battles on the ground against Syrian regime and its allies such as Russia and Iran backed Hezbollah militants.

However he was very optimistic about the future of Syria saying that all these parties are not able to achieve what they hope as the will of the Syrian people is strong, adding that efforts of the regime are futile and will not stop it.

Al Abdah also commented on PYD and its armed wing, YPG, which is allegedly backed by the regime on its fight against the opposition forces in Syria.

"PYD is part of the regime machine... it takes orders from the regime it is supported by the regime this is what the regime officials have said publicly so when we talk about the PYD we are talking about a militia that is working on behalf of the regime," he said.

"Basically it is doing the dirty work of the regime in the Kurdish areas."

"So we consider it part of the regime this is why we opposed many attempts from other countries to include them in the negations as part of the opposition team what we said because they are not opposition, if they want to join the negotiations they are most welcome to join as part of the regime. " he added.

Al Abdah called DAESH as the biggest challenge in their fight for the Syria's fate, adding there is a collusion between DAESH and the regime.

"DAESH is a huge challenge for us because imagine we are not only fighting with the regime, Russia, Iran, the militias, PYD, we are also fighting with DAESH." he said.

"DAESH always attack the revolutionary forces and somehow we don't see such big battle between DAESH and regime to the country." he added.

"We have many evidences that there is some kind of collusion between DAESH and regime in terms of attacking Free Syrian Army."

Source: TRT World