A top Australian recruiter for DAESH, Neil Prakash, has been killed in an air strike in Iraq last week Australian authorities said, quoting the US officials.

US fighter jets conducting operation in Iraq.
US fighter jets conducting operation in Iraq. (TRT World and Agencies)

Neil Prakash, a top Australian terrorist said to be a senior recruiter for DAESH, has been killed in an air strike in Iraq, Australian authorities said on Thursday.

Prakash was blacklisted for his alleged involvement in planning terrorist attacks in Australia and working against the Western interests. Prakash was considered to be the most dangerous Australian involved with DAESH in the Middle East, Australian Attorney General George Brandis said.

He said Washington told Canberra that the Australian recruiter for DAESH, Neil Prakash, had been killed in an air strike in Mosul, Iraq on April 29, on the intelligence provided by Australian authorities to locate and identify him.

Prakash was linked with different terrorist attacks' plans in Australia and also called for lone-wolf attacks against the USA. The Melbourne-born Prakash was spotted in several videos and magazines of DAESH. He had recruited men, women and children for the terrorist group in Australia and abroad, Brandis stated.

Australian government had imposed financial sanctions on Neil Prakash and any Australian, who support him, for a punishment of 10 years in Jail. Australia is facing serious threats from the terrorist groups with the homegrown militants.

Australian immigration minister Peter Dutton said Australia had declared DAESH as an international terrorist organisation under the new Australian Allegiance law and it's both in engaging in the acts of terrorism and opposed to Australia and its interests.

DAESH-linked Australian citizens have been posing a serious threat to Australia and the West. Prakash's killing is considered as a significant news for Australians. Several Australians have already been returning home after taking part in fighting alongside the terror group in the Middle East.

Source: TRTWorld and agencies