This film explores excessive speeding by telling the stories of drivers who have caused serious and deadly car accidents that changed their lives forever.

[NOTE: One Second Forever available until December 11, 2022.]


Vít Klusák's new documentary "One Second Forever" is based on a simple and all the more effective reasoning: none of us would like to be the culprit of a serious traffic accident. None of us would like to experience first-hand the moments of impending - and completely unnecessary - death. None of us would like to live the rest of our lives knowing that we have taken the life of someone close to us, or on the contrary, a complete stranger. Through five culprits, the film tells the stories of drivers who have gone through the above and are still going through it. Drivers who have found the courage to translate their guilt into a message that becomes not only a tool for prevention.

How it all started

"When I was approached by the Czech Association of Insurance Companies about whether something could be done for the perception of speeding behind the wheel through a film documentary, I hesitated for a while. I was afraid that it would turn out to be an educational film from the traffic playground. But then I met Director Matoušek from the Czech Association of Insurance Companies and realized that he is an enlightened man who trusts us. So we got to work. And we didn't start with an easy task. In fact, for the first few months it seemed that the biggest difficulty would be to find self-reflective culprits in serious accidents, and across the board. "We wanted to show, through their stories, that drivers who have caused serious accidents are not anonymous road pirates from the black chronicles. That they are people with a face, emotion, conscience and often an effort to make up for their immeasurable mistake every day," said director Vít Klusák.

"Accidents caused by speeding are not the domain of so-called road pirates. Everybody sometimes catches up with the minutes behind the wheel. However, it should be remembered that as speed increases, so does the risk of a serious accident with tragic consequences. A foolish effort to make up a few minutes can turn into a tragedy in a second that cannot be undone. We hope this film will make drivers think," says Jan Matoušek, CEO of the Czech Association of Insurance Companies.

The Czech title of the film One Second Forever is 13 minutes and was not chosen randomly. It is about the average time that can be saved on the way from Prague to Brno if the driver exceeds the speed limit by 20 km/h. This is already a speed at which the risk of a serious accident increases significantly. “For the team of director Vít Klusák, this was one of the most challenging projects ever filmed under the banner of the production company Hypermarket Film. For the documentary One Second Forever, it was necessary to cast 47 actors and actresses, film five real-looking accidents on more than 10 cameras, along with stuntmen and a crew that often numbered up to 90 people. The stuntmen destroyed more than 15 cars for accident reconstruction purposes. I believe in our film and its sophistication if only because my fellow crew members and I agreed that such an intense encounter with 5 culprits of serious accidents led us to behave much more responsibly behind the wheel. I hope and believe that this will be transferred to the audience as well," said Pavla Klimešová, the producer of the film.

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Source: TRT World