Report says self-declared ‘field marshall’ lost $55m as swindlers failed to deliver promised military equipment and services.

Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar suffered huge financial losses, as conmen sought to capitalise on his failed campaign to capture Libya’s capital Tripoli.

A report by the Independent said the warlord and his backer’s had handed over $55 million to purchase a patrol boat, helicopter, and reconnaissance aircraft, which were never delivered.

A UN report describes one transaction in which 12 mercenaries from the US, UK, South Africa, and Australia were paid more than $120,000 each to create a ‘strikeforce’. The men fled to Malta a few days after arriving in Libya.

In another incident mentioned, Haftar paid for state-of-the-art helicopters, only to receive outdated models.

The warlord was reportedly infuriated and swore that he would get his ‘revenge’.

Such reports are likely to cause Haftar further embarrassment as they come amid his failure to capture the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

The UN-recognised Government of National Accord (GNA) backed by Turkish made drones have dealt Haftar’s forces defeat after defeat, ending his hopes of capturing the city. 

Battlefield losses have also been heavy as the drones have taken out a number of Pantsir-type air defence systems, which are valued at around $15 million each.

Foreign support

Haftar is backed by a number of states, including the UAE, Egypt, and Russia.

They have provided funds, mercenaries, and airpower, to aid the warlord’s failed efforts to defeat the GNA.

While Russia is supplying Haftar with fighter jets and experienced pilots to halt the GNA gains, there are indications his other backers are feeling jittery.

“As the support behind him is withdrawn...Haftar will certainly disappear there (in Libya),” Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar told Turkish news channel A Haber.

Turkey has provided the Libyan government with military hardware, such as drones, and advisors to coordinate ground assaults.

In the course of a few months, parts of Tripoli and its surrounding areas have been liberated from the warlord’s grip.

In early June, Haftar lost his last foothold in Tripoli when his forces lost control of Tripoli airport to GNA troops.

Source: TRT World