As the Arab League summit is underway, Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow intends to counter "current threats" with a "coordinated and collective effort" with Arab nations.

Putin says
Putin says "the formation of a multipolar system of international relations is gaining momentum." (AFP)

Developing ties between Moscow and Arab countries is in the common interest of all sides, Russian President Vladimir Putin has said.

"The world is witnessing serious political and economic change. The formation of a multipolar system of international relations is gaining momentum, which is based on the rules of equality, justice and respect for each other's legitimate interests," Putin said in a message sent to a meeting of the Arab League on Tuesday.

"Nations of the Middle East and North Africa, with a combined population of almost half a billion, play an increasingly significant role in this process," he added.

Putin underlined that improving international conditions, countering current threats, and addressing today's challenges would require "a coordinated and collective effort," making multilateral institutions, such as the League of Arab States, all the more crucial.

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'Committed to developing cooperation'

"Russia is committed to comprehensively developing further cooperation with the Arab League and all of its members, for the purposes of enhancing security at the regional and global levels," Putin said.

He stressed that existing military and political problems in the Middle East and North Africa, including crises in Syria and Libya, as well as the conflict in Yemen and between Palestine and Israel, must be resolved on the basis of international law and a commitment to respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of countries.

"I am confident that efforts to further promote partner relations between Russia and the Arab countries meet our mutual interests and contribute to ensuring peace and stability in the world," said the Russian president.

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Source: AA