Following the announcement by YouTube that it would block Russian news channels RT and Sputnik in Europe — the owner of Facebook and Instagram, Meta, imposes restriction on Russian media channels.

The company says it has seen a
The company says it has seen a "definitely discernable" degradation of its services in Russia as well. (Jenny Kane / AP)

Meta Platforms is globally demoting content from Russian state-controlled media outlets' Facebook pages and Instagram accounts, as well as posts containing links to those outlets on Facebook.

Meta's head of global affairs Nick Clegg told reporters on Tuesday said the company had also received requests from governments outside of the European Union to block Russian state media.

He said he was not aware of such a request from the United States government.

Tech and social media companies have faced pressure to respond to last Thursday's invasion of Ukraine by Russia, which has led to economic sanctions against Moscow by governments around the world.

Degradation of services in Russia

Clegg said that the company had seen a "definitely discernable" degradation of its services in Russia since authorities there announced they would restrict Meta's platforms.

Video and other multimedia content had particularly been affected, Clegg said.

Meta had been in "protracted discussions" with Russia's communications regulator Roskomnadzor over its new law that requires some foreign internet companies to open offices in Russia, Clegg added. 

He called some of the provisions under the new law "disproportionate."

Meta, along with Twitter and Alphabet's Google, face possible punitive measures in Russia because they have not yet complied.

On Monday, Meta said it would restrict access to Russian state media outlets RT and Sputnik on its platforms across the European Union.

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Source: TRTWorld and agencies