It is believed that Kim Jong Un has been found in the eastern city of Wonsan amid speculation that his health is failing.

Speculation thrived over the weekend, predicting whether the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was sick or could have just died. 

Social media was abuzz with people asking about Kim Jong Un's whereabouts. However, the country’s archenemy South Korea did not fall for the rumours. 

South Korean President Moon Jae-in told US media that Kim Jong Un was "alive and well" and that Seoul was firm on its assessment about the North Korean leader. 

Where is he?

North Korea has no press freedom. Information flow is always vetted, tightly controlled by Kim Jong Un's regime. 

Pro-regime media organisations haven't reported anything about the leader’s health and contrary to their editorial line, North Korean state media haven't released any new photos of him either. 

However, they did relay Kim Jong Un's message of gratitude to workers building a tourist resort in Wonsan, an area where some South Korean media reports have said Kim may be staying.

A website specialising in North Korean affairs published satellite images on Saturday that researchers said showed a train "probably” belonging to the leader.

Satellite images from last week showed a special train possibly belonging to Kim Jong Un at Wonsan, according to 38 North, a Washington-based North Korea monitoring project. 

It is believed his luxurious train has been parked in the Wonsan area, located on the eastern side of the country, since April 13.

The group said this train was allocated for Kim’s family. The Wonsan complex has leisure facilities that include nine large guesthouses and a recreation centre. It was built shortly after Kim came to power in 2014.

“It also includes a protected port, shooting range, recreation building and a covered dock that is believed for his mega yacht,” the report said.

Apart from these reports, there are no certain or powerful claims about Kim’s location.

When did the speculations start?

Kim Jong Un missed the 108th birthday celebrations for his late grandfather Kim Il-sung, the founder of North Korea, on April 15, which prompted speculation. 

He has remained out of sight since the key state holiday which has seen speculation mount over his health.

The US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham joined in rumours despite not receiving any confirmed information regarding Kim Jno Un's health. 

However, Graham commented: "I’ll be shocked if he isn't dead or in some incapacitated state because you don’t let rumours like this go forever or go unanswered in a closed society which is really a cult, not a country, called North Korea."

The senator said he hoped "the long-suffering North Korean people will get some relief if he is dead". 

"So if this guy is dead, I hope the guy who takes over will work with President Trump to make North Korea a better place for everybody," he added.

There is no credible signal of his death

South Korea’s Unification Minister Kim Yeon-chul, who is responsible for engagement with the North, said their intelligence has not found any unusual movement within the country. 

Despite the statement based on its rival’s intelligence reports, Kim Jong Un’s condition is one of the most questioned issues around the world.

Last week, citing an anonymous source, the South Korean Daily NK said Kim underwent a cardiovascular procedure on April 12 due to obesity, excessive smoking, and overwork. The Daily NK has also reported he is recovering.

Source: TRT World