Rallies in several cities, including Vancouver, Toronto and capital Ottawa express support for Iranians outraged over custodial death of Mahsa Amini.

Demonstrators call for regime change in Tehran, and for Canada to increase sanctions.
Demonstrators call for regime change in Tehran, and for Canada to increase sanctions. (AFP)

Several thousand people have marched in Montreal and other Canadian cities in solidarity with protests sparked by the death of Mahsa Amini in the custody of Iran's police.

In Canada, public broadcaster CBC on Saturday showed images from Toronto of motorists honking their support for demonstrators lining a five-kilometre stretch of road, wearing "Justice for Mahsa Amini" t-shirts and waving Iranian flags on the end of hockey sticks.

Thousands have also come out for solidarity rallies in several Canadian cities, including Vancouver, Toronto and the capital Ottawa.

In Montreal, several women cut their hair as a crowd of more than 10,000 waved placards that read "Justice" and "No to Islamic Republic," while chanting "Say her name. Say her name."

"It was for the Iranian women who are fighting for their freedom, for their lives in Iran," a 30-year-old expatriate who only gave her name as Sin told the AFP news agency after chopping off her long dark locks.

She described cutting off her hair that flowed almost to the middle of her back as "nothing compared to" what women in Iran have endured.

March co-organiser Nima Machouf, 57, added it was important to "be a voice for people in Iran and carry their message" to the world.

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Protest in Washington, DC

Several demonstrators called for regime change in Tehran, and for Canada to increase sanctions.

Ottawa has already applied sanctions over Iran's nuclear programme and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new round Monday against dozens of Iranian officials.

A protest also took place on Saturday in the US capital Washington where hundreds of members of the Kurdish community, some bearing placards calling for regime change in Tehran, gathered outside the White House gates.

A wave of street violence has rocked Iran since Amini, 22, died days after her arrest for allegedly failing to observe Iran's strict dress code for women.

Protests were held across the country for a 15th consecutive night on Friday despite a bloody crackdown that rights groups said has left more than 75 people dead.

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Source: AFP