Hundreds of Peruvian demonstrators pour into the streets accusing the President Castillo of corruption, calling for his resignation over high energy and food prices.

Anti-government demonstrators march in Lima, Peru, Saturday, April 9, 2022.
Anti-government demonstrators march in Lima, Peru, Saturday, April 9, 2022. (AP)

Hundreds of Peruvians marched through Lima demanding the resignation of President Pedro Castillo, as the leftist leader faces nationwide demonstrations against rising fuel prices.

Tensions have been building in Peru since Monday, when truckers called for a strike and protests broke out in Lima, Ica and other parts of the country over soaring costs of living.

It is the first time in Castillo's eight months in power that he has faced protests of this scale.

The 52-year-old former rural school teacher reacted late on Monday night by calling a curfew in Lima and the neighboring port city Callao together home to 10 million people.

But a widespread public backlash and pressure from the right-wing opposition dominated Congress prompted Castillo to lift the curfew late on Tuesday afternoon.

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Police deployed

Waving the national flag and signs that said, "Resign Castillo corrupt" and "Out Castillo out," on Saturday saw protesters bang pots and pans as they marched through Lima to the central Plaza San Martin.

Lima police deployed about 3,000 riot officers to provide security to public places and shopping centres.

"The president must leave the country because there is too much corruption, he is inept and going to lead us to ruin," insurance worker Ursula Portocarrero told AFP.

"We want him to step down and bring in people who love their country to truly move Peru forward," Tula Casado, 58, told AFP news agency.

A similar protest took place in the northern city of Trujillo.

Clashes broke out in Lima earlier this week following marches in several parts of the city, with demonstrators chanting: "Castillo out!" as buildings were attacked and shops vandalized.

Public disapproval of Castillo has reached 66 percent, according to an Ipsos poll last month.

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Source: AFP